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Nash Patient Advocacy and Consulting LLC.

Nash Patient Advocacy and Consulting LLC.

Healthcare and Medical

About Us

Services include:
• Help you learn more about medical conditions and treatment options
• Assist with the complexity of insurance and help dispute denials
• Work to reduce your hospital bills—track paperwork and records
• Help you file for SSDI, TEFRA, or other application assistance,
• Help with coordinating your care and ensuring you have a care team
• Help you find an objective second, third or fourth option
• Coordinate and oversee the transitions of care that usually present problems, including trying to obtain mental health care
• Assist with Mediation to ensure you are being heard
• Assist with your medical appointments
• Ensure medication reconciliation and that all doctors have shared information—assessment of needs and referrals
• Document discrimination if applicable
• Advocate for those living with mental health conditions
• Assist with the development of mental health plan of action
• Assist individuals with disabilities with vocational exploration
• Request Billing- review and negotiate billing costs (when possible)

Nash Patient Advocacy and Consulting LLC. (NPAC) is here to help you navigate the complexity of healthcare systems. NPAC will advocate for your well-being and help you on your journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

Rachel Nash is a board-certified patient advocate who has been on both sides of the system. As a patient advocate, she wants to impart the knowledge she gained through first-hand experience with being on both sides of the system.She wants to work with others struggling with similar issues and assist them in achieving

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